Admiralty & Maritime Law

If you have been injured on a cruise, or while working professionally around a vessel, special maritime and admiralty laws were designed to benefit you, providing you make claims within a specified period of time. Mr. Bannon specialized in admiralty law and graduated with distinction from Tulane University's Admiralty Law program in New Orleans.

Rick G. Bannon, P.A., represents individuals with Jones Act claims, recreational boater claims, cruise line passenger and crew claims, and any claims that result while working on or around a marine vessel.

Injuries sustained on a boat, cruise ship, or any other offshore vessel requires different legal procedures for compensation than land-side injuries. If you have suffered a maritime injury, you need an experienced attorney. Mr. Bannon can help you get the compensation you deserve.

  • For more than 20 years, he's assisted clients by representing them personally in:
  • – Representation for the boating professional
  • – Vessel liens and arrests
  • – Maritime injury claims
  • – Shipping iability
  • – Finds and salvage
  • – Jones Act claims
  • – Maritime contracts
  • – Maritime liens
  • – Marine insurance
  • – Marina laws
  • – Towage

    The firm can assist you with legal matters related to National Marine Fisheries Service violations of both commercial and recreational Fishery Management Plans.

  • Mr. Bannon is experienced in handling the legal issues surrounding vessel liens and arrests. Boats and ships are assets which may be confiscated for outstanding debts:
  • – Boat and ship repair charges
  • – Dockage fees
  • – First preferred ship's mortgages
  • – Crew wages
  • – Ship's chandler's bills
  • – Other vessel expenses

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  • Rick G. Bannon, P.A. specializes in maritime-related injuries, in watercraft of all kinds including:
  • – Cargo and merchant vessels
  • – Pleasure boats
  • – Tugs
  • – Ferries
  • – Cruise ships
  • – Wave runners
  • – Jet skies
  • – Casino boats
  • – Shrimp boats

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