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Falling behind on your credit cards and other obligations can be a traumatic experience, and is often the result of an unforeseen event (i.e., loss of job, divorce, death, illness, etc.). While our firm understands the hardships consumers face on a daily basis, such considerations often do not stop creditors, collection agencies, debt-buyers, or other entities from engaging in harassing collection methods or filing suit to collect these alleged debts. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to hire an attorney with experience in all areas of consumer law. G. Tyler Bannon has been assisting consumers with asserting their consumer rights, under both Florida and federal law, and defending collection lawsuits since 2013. If you have been subject to such treatment or have been sued to collect an alleged debt, our firm offers a free consultation to discuss your options, develop a plan that fits your means and circumstances, and assist you every step of the way in resolving these issues.

The firm is well-known in the community, recognized as legal experts for more than 25 years with a fundamental philosophy of providing the very best legal representation to people who are unfortunate victims of carelessness by another party. As we know from our many years of experience in legal practice, the details of a case can be a significant advantage, substantially affecting its outcome. As professionals, we are detail-oriented, and handle all cases in a manner that we would expect the case to be handled if we were the client.

We maintain a small intimate firm, gaining new clients through the referrals of our long-term clientele and a solid record of case success. Every individual we represent receives our attentive, personal service. We are committed to their best interests and do not, and never will, represent insurance companies, hospitals or other corporations.


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